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Southern Gentleman
Southern Gentleman
Saxy Tan Mobile Spray Tanning Services

Saxy Tan's VIP Revive Airbrush Tanning Solution


Our Organic Vegan anti-aging blend with special anti-aging polypeptides, Matrixyl 3000 and Retinyl Palmitate, as well as skin rebuilding botanicals.


Medium moisture level, excellent product for sun-damaged or aged skin types. May be used on all skin types, as ingredients will plump skin making it look smoother and "younger"


Saxy Tan's VIP Revive is our fresh scented Anti-Aging formula which was developed to give you a flawless even fading Sunless Spray Tan with benefits yet to be realized in an Airbrush Tanning Solution product.


My Manufacture has been known for years as a producer of excellent Tanning Solutions,  and skin care products that are both skin beneficial and provide impressive consistent results.


Saxy Tan's Revive, has exceeded even our stringent expectations.


The current beauty market is filled with a plethora of Anti Aging products. Saxy Tan's manufacture has set out to create a Sunless Tanning Solution, which along with positive performance, would utilize cutting edge technologies to promote youthful healthy skin repair.


Saxy Tan's VIP Revive sunless blend utilizes a light moisturizing base solution, with specilized dermal repair, anti-aging, skin rebuilding plant extracts and cutting edge technology ingredients found in some of the leading anti-aging market place cosmetic lines.

 Masterfully mimics the natural gradual fade only previously seen with a UV based tan. Superb color retention, even after shaving and swimming.

Some key ingredients in this blend:


Aloe Barbadensis (soothes, moisturizes, heals)

DHA (skin friendly sunless tanning colorant)

Matrixyl 3000 (Pentapeptide-3) (softens lines and dimples, anti-aging)

Retinyl Palmitate (antioxidant and skin-cell regulator, anti-aging)

Co-Q10 (anti-aging, antioxidant, skin repair)

Vitamins A,C,E (antioxidant, skin health)

Green and White Tea(antioxidant, skin soothing)

Paraben and Gluten free

Formulated and Manufactured for Saxy Tan