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Saxy Tan Mobile Spray Tanning Services

*Emergency Calls 24x7 

Welcome to Saxy Tan's Vegan Organic Anti-Aging  Spray Tan Salon Mobilized Services 

We are about providing a high-quality

mobile tanning service and

consistent customer satisfaction. 


For our client's convenience,

we are a mobile spray tanning service, 

Catering to you in the PRIVACY of your home, office or

preferred location. 

You won't need to take those trips to

the tanning salon any more!  


We povide a flawless full body tan

without the harmful UV rays or wasted leisure time

required to achieve a tan. 

I fact we have SPF 15 in our VIP package.

We will do everything

we can to exceed your expectations and

welcome the opportunity to

earn your trust and provide you

with one of the best tan and customer service in the industry.


Perfect For:
• Bridal, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

• Girls Night Out
• Tanning and Spa Parties
• Team and Fitness Competitions
• Prom or Homecoming Dances
• Fashion Shows
• Birthday Parties
• Year Round Tanning
• Busy in office Professionals
• Dermatology Patients

• Streach Mark Cover-up*

• Patients of: Skin Cancer,

• Sun Spots or Chemical Peels


 Saxy Tan Mobile Spray Tanning Services


The airbrush suntan uses a specially made

airbrush that atomizes the "Saxy Spray"

into a cooling vapor onto your skin,

ensuring an even application.

Ingredients cause a reaction with

the amino acids in your skin to produce

a lovely bronzed tan that lasts from 5-7+ days.


We specialize in Tanning Parties,

Film, TV, Photography, Runway, Stage, Bridal, Beauty Pageants, The Academy Awards, Oscars, Prom, Calender shoots, Cheer Competitions, Talent & Modeling Agencies, Any Big Event or Special Occasion.

We also offer custom airbrush tanning services to salons and spas who don't offer spray tanning.



It is your start to a healthy you! 

No matter where you are, indoor or outdoor

"We Have the Mobile AC/DC Power!"


Where ever you go you can be sure

that the quality of tan is amoung  the best in the industry. 

Your best source for Spray tanning.

We work with the manufacture of all of our formulations.  

“Revolutionizing the Airbrush Tanning Industry

with a Quality Sunless Tanning  Product

that is Healthy for Skin” 

Airbrush Tanning is the revolutionary new method

for attaining an instant long-lasting sunless tan.

 Unfortunately, not all airbrush tanning solutions

are created the same.


Other products

may contain harsh ingredients that can leave skin feeling dry or irritated, 


Made from natural ingredients, so

they moisturize and hydrate the skin

throughout the airbrush tanning process.



a UV free airbrush tan + SPF 15 without an unpleasant drying,

lizard skin like side effect.


Saxy Tan works exclusively with the manufacturer of the Skin Rejuvenating Airbrush Tanning Product line. 


The manufacturers founderspent many frustrating

years in the tanning industry unsatisfied

with thenegative effectsof every

product on the market. 


This dissatisfaction propelled the owner into an extensive search

to find a healthy sunless tanning product which would render optimal tanning results without damaging the skin. 

In order to reach this goal, a focuse on quality, not quantity.

Saxy Tan's manufacturer

does not

have inventory sitting on a shelf in some warehouse

for months at a time. 

The exceptional fresh quality and

consistencyof each hand-made batch

is ensured because

the products are made weekly 

and shipped out the next business day,

after Saxy Tan's order placement.  


Airbrush Tanning Solutions are hand made

in small batches by a manufacturer who has been

in business for over 25 years. 

Only the use of the highest quality,

freshest ingredients;

those which are both gentle to the skin,

yet potent enough to fight the negative effects

the skin encounters everyday. 

 The ingredients used

come from the finest sources from all over the world.

Even the DHA used

in our airbrush tanning solution

is of the most pristine quality,

instead of the less expensive Asian imported brands

available on today's market.


We use Ecocert Certified Organic DHA

in our Sunless Tanning Solutions

and skincare product line. 


The product line is not tested on animals.


The Airbrush Tanning Solution products are

readily used by many dermatologists,

Spas, and salons throughout

the world

Because of what the manufacturer does NOT put in its’ products. 


All items applied by Saxy Tan are

designed to nurture the skin and

contain extra SPF 15 UV protection. 


Unlike some other airbrush tanning solution products,

we offers truth in marketing. 


This sunless tanning product line

protects and rejuvenates the skin!


In an industry where there are many empty promises

with few results,

it is refreshing to find an airbrush tanning solution

product that actually does what it claims to do. 

It is even more invigorating to find a company, like Saxy Tan,

that is revolutionizing the airbrush tanning industry

by offering an effective product

that is actually good for the skin. 

You can have a flawless

UV Free Sunless Tan

AND beautiful healthy skin.  


Superior airbrush tanning solutions,


 We have unlocked the key ingredients for

health, beauty, and self-indulgence. 

A pleasure that should be savored and enjoyed says Mr Barry Greco ! 
Spray Tanning Information - © Copyright 2020 - Saxy Tan (40)  


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