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Southern Gentleman
Southern Gentleman
Saxy Tan Mobile Spray Tanning Services

Why Mobile?

♥ Because you're worth it!
♥ You hate traffic, so let us deal with it
♥ Your time is precious
♥ You love to be pampered
♥ You feel sexier and slimmer with a tan
♥ Confidentiality
♥ 100 o/o Privacy is important to you
♥ You like to be home 
♥ You have small children
♥ You're on vacation
♥ You can afford it, so why not?
♥ Convenience is a priority
♥ Simplify, simplify, simplify
♥ Girl's night in Tanning Party!
♥ No paparazzi
♥ Too busy to leave the house, office, club, set
♥ It's just easier!
♥ You are less likely to compromise the integrity of your tan