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Southern Gentleman
Southern Gentleman
Saxy Tan Mobile Spray Tanning Services


Saxy Tan' Mobile Spray Tanning

follows a strict "PRIVACY" Clause.
This clause is to ensure to our clients and friends that we,

Owners and Technicians of, Saxy Tan Mobile Spray Tan, have never - AND WILL NEVER - reveal to any other person any information discussed in our sessions. 

We know how easy it is to chat up a storm and become friendly with one another. 

We have become very close to many of our clients, who sometimes do reveal personal information, so our promise to you is this:

 ♥ We promise that we will not fail you as a technician or as a friend, and we will give you the best spray tan possible and help you maintain it.

♥ We promise you that through your skin and bones, fat and rolls, through spider veins and surgery scars, through hairy legs or sweaty pores, we promise this: 

WE DO NOT, and WILL NOT, judge you in any shape way or form, no matter what your shape or form is. 

For each person who might be uncomfortable about his or her figure, please don't be.

♥ With our “No Gossip” Privacy Clause, be assured that you never have to worry about anyone knowing your "body flaws" … or anything else about you! 

What happens in these tents and rooms stays in these tents and rooms!

We are good at what we do. 

We appreciate you and we LOVE YOU :) 
At Saxy Tan this is Our Privacy Clause