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Southern Gentleman
Southern Gentleman
Saxy Tan Mobile Spray Tanning Services

Are your products safe to use?
All of the ingredients used in all of our products

have been tested,

approved and rated as appropriate for cosmetic use,

by the appropriate regulation agencies in the USA and Europe. 

 All of our products are approved for worldwide use,

and importation,and meet all safety

and formulation requirements

necessary for standard

cosmetic use and importation. 

We use certified organic DHA, and use other

natural and or organic, ingredients when available.



All products are paraben free.  
Dihydroxyacetone or DHA has recently been reviewed by the European Commission’s independent expert scientific committee (the SCCS), which advises the Commission on scientific matters, and the safety of cosmetic ingredients.The SCCS looked at data to support the use of DHA in cosmetic formulations.


The SCCS addressed the question of the product possibly being inhaled from self-tan sprays, and says “that the use of dihydroxyacetone as a self-tanning ingredient will not pose a risk to the health of the consumer”.  

This was based on formulas up to the

DHA 14% level in consumer application and booths.

As well as this endorsement on the safety of

DHA itself from the SCCS,

it is important to stress that in Europe and in the USA

the manufacture and import of all cosmetic products are covered by strict safety laws.

There is a legal requirement that every

cosmetic product must undergo a safety assessment before it is placed on the market. 

Inhalation issues should always be a consideration, especially with breastfeeding, pregnancy,

or clients with any type of respiratory concerns. 

Please use nose filters and appropriate ventilation as needed, and obtain a Doctors written approval before  I spraying these clients.
Per current general FDA recommendations, clients and technicians should be provided with/use adequate ventilation, nose filters, lip balm products (or barrier cream used as a balm) to protect lips, protective undergarments and protective eye wear.
If you have a known sensitivity to an ingredient in a product, that product should not be used, and your medical provider consulted.